Quixotic! November 16 2014

November is my month! 
I seem to have lots of scorpions in my life but always think I am the head honcho being born on the first day! Which is of course All Saints Day, an important date in the christian calendar. I love that my birthday was always a holiday weekend in Ireland.  Don't much like the clocks going back but misty dog walks in the woods are of the season. 


had a call from You magazine, the Mail's Sunday publication this week.  
Wanting to do a feature on Josephine Ryan at home at Christmas! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtUkbW4a1aY
I have always been a media whore, have nurtured a good profile in the interiors press without ever having paid for a page of advertising 
One should be eternally grateful for a feature that would (apparently) cost £250,000! so I didn't think twice & agreed to be on the pages of a magazine traditionally read by those hard of thinking.
I laughed when asked 'Do you think personality and a light-touch of humour are the key to how you put things together very successfully?"  
If my first husband or Horace were asked the same question of me they might just choke on their mince pies. 
I'm no humbug, I do love Christmas and make a huge effort to create a wonderland!  But it isn't without stresses & strains. Woe betide there not being enough berries on the mistletoe!
As my children get older I would prefer to disappear to Jerusalem or Jeddah or anywhere where I don't have to hear The Fairy Tale of New York ruined by overplay & to get away from the gross commercial bombardment the festive season has become, starting in October! 
The thing is I don't know anyone who disagrees with me. 
Wwill wait until the time is nigh and are offering an 
Evening of Extravagance on Langton on December 11th. 
         We being, Appley Hoare , me & some old Ass!                                                                                                
I am aware that this is possibly the busiest social date of the year but promise some delights & really hope you will make it to join us briefly or for longer. 
These are just some of the new items in store to tempt & adorn your festive table: A large quantity of German vintage mercury glass baubles in all shapes & sizes. Several pieces of jewellery, real and fake, see if you can tell the difference! An unusual c19th lustre-ware jug with a harlequin pattern (for gravy or custard)
A superb set of 24 knifes & forks with silver handles, stamped with a proper crest, carving implements included. Some large starched white linen serviettes or napkins,which ever. Candle sticks of various heights & prices and a splendid heated pewter serving dish for when your goose is cooked.                                                        
I spend more time than i should gawping at house porn! 
Always curious to see what properties are for saledreaming of restoring a Queen Anne manor house in Leicestershire or an old swimming pool in St Leonard's. 
But I seem to always stay put. 
This month I discovered Cabin porn 
Really!  http://cabinporn.com  'Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere'
It certainly inspired Horace to build his shack, so if nothing else you must come admire & pay homage.
It may not be in a pine forest by a Canadian lake but a garden in Chelsea is where he has lovingly built by hand his own haven to do what chaps do in their sheds. 
I am barred.
I will not tweak adorn or interfere.
I promise. 
But it will be painted some shade of grey!                                                                                                              
I was listening to Radio 4 the other day. 
Actually I listen to Radio 4 every day. All day 
Having been a BBC widow for many years love it but also detest it.
The Archers annoy the tits off of me, the repetition in the evenings cheap broadcasting & I cringe when I hear
Mrs B the second credited for her productions! Nepotism always rules.
Disgruntled from Brixton, it is, none the less, from where I get all my information  
Like Andy Warhol I only read pictures & I never ever, really - not a affectation, watch telly.   
Melvin; Bragg that is, on In our time yesterday was talking about Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
That great Victorian who's name I've always thought so romantic & who built good bridges, he described as Quixotic. 
I was annoyed with myself  that I didn't know what it meant. 
Such a great sounding word I looked it up as soon as I got to the shop 
Quixotism (/kwɪkˈsɒtɪzəm/ or /kˈhtɪzəm/) (adj. quixotic) is impracticality in pursuit of ideals, especially those ideals manifested by rash, lofty and romantic ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action. It also serves to describe an idealism without regard to practicality. An impulsive person or act might be regarded as quixotic.
That's me!                                                                                                                                                              
The other new word I learned this week was Lidl. "The emporium of choice for distressed gentlefolk",  I was in search of the fabled one bulb garlic as mentioned in our newspaper of choice 
Just back from a short trip to France the day before, along with a new batch of Faisselle Pots,
I stank out Ryan Air flight FR3527 with a tray of fresh chèvre from the local Fromager. I thought braising these mono heads slowly in olive oil until  browned then tossed into fresh spaghetti with the goats cheese melted on top would make a perfect early evening November supper. T'was delicious alright! then realised Mr Slater had thought of it first.                   
Sorry to the person I was sitting next to later at the Chelsea cinema where we went  to see a preview of Mr. Turner ending with a Q&A from director Mike Leigh.
Great film, informative & beautifully executed. Chuffed to have provided a few props for it, worth it just for Timothy Spall's grunt!  
I worked there from 1985 for about 3 years as a part time usherette when I was also Ned Sherrin's cleaner & doing an Art foundation course all at the same time! 
This London landmark, the biggest screen in London with its luxurious pullman seats has been under threat from the relentless march of the high street but just last month has been saved.      
For once sanity has prevailed in the face of philistine developers.