September Girls September 09 2014

Another summer is over
La rentree is in full swing.
My second swallow started secondary school today. Excited & nervous (that's me) she strode in confidently (under no circumstance was I to hold her hand!wearing a crisp new uniform, complete with tie, very ready for the next big chapter in her life.
By the end of this week I won't have to do the school run ever again! 


On my way back  I picked up the first conkers of the burgeoning fall, then stopped at my favourite vegetable stand in Tooting to buy a tray of over ripe tomatoes to make I know not what with yet.


September is a lovely month. Virgos playground, my first swallow arrived on the 11th day 17 years ago.
  Modest and shy. Meticulous and reliable. Practical and diligent. Intelligent and analytical.... Hmmm! 
While I'm not a devotee of astrology, this year it has shed an interesting light on some of life's dilemmas.

While on the subject of son, I saw Boyhood this summer in a small art house cinema in Uzes. Improved my French reading the subtitles! 
An American production superbly crafted in real time tells the life story of Mason from 5 to 18 years. Touching, poignant & very funny.
Thoroughly recommend every one of the 160 minutes of it. Still showing at some cinemas.


The memories of  summer are still fresh.
It looks like the bridge to autumn will be one of those glorious Indian summers. I've always loved that phrase. 


 When not thinking about school uniform, autumn produce, the weather & the planets, we have been busy beavers recreating Josephine Ryan Antiques' website.
I hope you will appreciate our efforts & enjoy this first 'blog' which will be a regular monthly read including tunes & ditties, prose & nonsense, recipes & rants.
The shop will be reopening this week after an obscenely long break. Though it wasn't all lazing by the pool, drinking rose & long walks through the vineyards. 


Several early morning forays into the world of Brocantes unveiled a few treasures, which will reach these shores imminently, ready for your perusal, praise, and, hopeful purchase.  

My favourite find at Les Puces was a large quantity of unused guitar strings in tatty wrappings. They probably came from a closed down music shop as they still had the card dividers denoting the gauge. I quickly snaffled the whole lot. Horace's & the aforementioned Virgo's instruments will be kept in tune for a while. 

We will be travelling and trawling through the dustier parts of France again later this month, on a serious shopping spree to find the best we can to create yet another interesting ensemble of objets trouve for the Autumn Decorative Fair. to complement  the work of London artist Harriet Porter who I am very excited to be representing for the first time.


As always, hope to see you there. Invitation will follow in due course.

Finally thank you to James Fennel (photographer of Essentially Irish) for taking great  photos, (as always) of my London home just published in the latest edition of Irish publication Image Interiors Here

In the meantime, maybe I'll make Panzanella!